Martijn Kleermaker, The Dutch Giant, was born on February 19, 1991 in Harderwijk. When he was born he was so big that he was trapped from head to toe in the incubator. His entire childhood was spent in Hierden, also known as the village of the champions (Because of the great sportsmen living in this village). In his youth it became clear that Martijn had the ambition to become a great sportsman, if there was iceskating on TV, then Martijn was skating outside. If there was Tennis on TV, Martijn was playing tennis outside. And then darts came on TV, Martijn was playing darts in the shed for whole days, whether it was +20 or -20 degrees. His first tournament win could not be long.

Martijn was playing darts in the shed for whole days, whether it was +20 or -20 degrees.

Martijn spent his childhood in Hierden, where he also attended primary school. He completed his primary school without problems, after which he went to secondary school, the Groen van Prinsterer in Harderwijk. Martijn has 2 children, Djani and Giovanni.

This is not the last time you see me on such a stage

At the age of 18 he started playing darts in competition and not unsuccessfully. With his first team at Café de Bosrand in Putten, he became champion of the first division. After 2 years he made the switch to his current team, Bosgenoegen. With Bosgenoegen he has now become 4x champion in the premier league and has won 1x the cup. With the superleague team they became champions in the superleague transition class. He has since played at the highest level in the Netherlands. In 2016, Martijn qualified for the Dutch Team via the superleague play-off. on July 1, 2017, he extended his selection place, again through the super league play-off.

Since 2 years I have become a bit more serious with darts after I qualified for the Dutch team. When I qualified for the Finder darts masters, 1 dream came true, playing on a large stage live on TV. This tastes like more. Last year I didn’t throw much, but what I threw often went well and now that I am once again in the Dutch selection, I now really want to make steps and pursue my dream. That is at Lakeside entering the WC stage.

Sunday April 22, 2018 Martijn became Dutch Ranking Champion for the first time. With this he has joined an illustrious list of names including, Raymond van Barneveld, Co Stompé, Vincent van der Voort, Niels de Ruiter and Richard Veenstra. With this, Martijn secured his 3rd selection in a row for the Dutch Team.

On 22 June 2018, Martijn won the prestigious six nations tournament with the Dutch Selection. Martijn was named player of the tournament here. 3 months later Martijn and Chris Landman were in the final of the WDF. 2018 ended with a 2nd participation in the Finder darts masters.europe cup.

2019 is certainly the year of new achievements. Martijn managed to extend the NDB ranking title, something that only Raymond van Barneveld and Co Stompé ever succeeded. In March Martijn won his first BDO ranking titles by making a double victory at the West Fries Open and Masters. 2 months later Martijn won his first A + tournament, the Welsh Open.

From 1 September 2019 Martijn has for the first time a sponsorship agreement with a darts fire, namely Bull’s Germany! Martijn also made his debut in 2019 at the BDO World Trophy and at the BDO World Professional Championships 2020.
At the World Cup, Martijn’s first major goal to ever be allowed to play, Martijn managed to reach the 3rd round, in the 3rd round Martijn fell down against the Englishman Paul Hogan in 1 of the best matches of the tournament.

This is the first time that I am really proud of myself.

On January 19, 2020, Martijn obtained his tour card for the PDC. Martijn reached the final on the first day, but was unable to cash in his match dart. Martijn then dragged in his tour card based on rankings. Afterwards Martijn said he had never been so proud of herself. Since then, Martijn has quit his job to fully focus on darts and thus become a full professional.